Classes and Events

Embodiment Mastery Group Immersion

August 1 and 2 in St. Louis

This course is a group version of the Embodiment Mastery Individual Training for those who enjoy a more immersive approach to receiving information

This will be a 2 day course, going into the 10 Bodies in depth as well as many other spiritual and yogic concepts. This course will be broken down into lecture and small group discussions to aid in the digesting the information.

There will be an experiential aspect as well, consisting of Meditation, Breathwork, Vibrational Massage, Aromatherapy, Sound Immersion, Conscious Intention Setting and Visualization, Energywork, and more. This 2 Day Training Course Materials including binder and writing utensils.

Embodiment represents Self-Mastery, Spiritual Connection, and Spiritual Elevation. It is a Universal Energy beyond Dogma and anchored in Community.

It is Pure Consciousnesses…
APPLIED Consciousness.

It is taking our ideas and gifts and being able to courageously share them with the world.

To be the Embodiment is to be the Master of our 10 Bodies.
It is the Mastery of our PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and ENERGETIC BODIES.

Who will benefit from this course?

*Anyone that wants more knowledge about themselves and would like to do deep inner work.

*Anyone who is unsure of their path and would like more information on a variety of Spiritual Topics.

This course covers many different concepts in order to become the Embodiment.

(If you are coming from out of town, please contact Dev Shabad for help on finding accommodations)

Workshop Dates:
August 1 – 10:30am-6:30pm
August 2 – 10:30am-6:30pm

A Gathering Place
12140 Lackland Rd
Maryland Heights, Missouri 63046

Cost: $475
Total Due by July 27
Payment Plans Available
July – $160
August – $160
Sept – $160

More Info on the Embodiment Mastery Group Immersion Here

Virtual Quantum Languaging 4-Week Series

Mondays – 7-9pm

July 13 – Intro to Quantum Languaging
Identifying Limiting Beliefs

July 20 – Goal Setting
Using Quantum Languaging in Everyday Life

July 27 – Removing Obstacles
Holding the Projection

Aug 3 – Shifting Consciousness
Understanding our Role in the World

We have to power to create our reality. We hear this all the time. So how? How can we tap into the manifesting potential that each of us have?

One way is through Quantum Languaging.

As humans, we manifest 95% from our subconscious. When we speak, the words that we use reveal our subconscious belief system; whether or not we are in scarcity consciousness, fear consciousness, unity consciousness, etc. Therefore, the quickest and most effective way to change our subconscious is through the conscious application of language.

Quantum Languaging is the concept that each word holds a specific vibration. When we carefully tune into the specific language we use, this new vibration changes our underlying belief system, helping us begin to see changes in our external reality.

In this series, we will go in depth into our subconscious blocks and the words that perpetrate lack and scarcity in our lives. We will address these blocks and create new programs for our subconcious to operate on. We will have specific meditations, affirmations, visualizations to use throughout this process to get us closer to our goals. Each person will have different mantras and homework based on what is discovered in the first session.

Excited to take this transformational journey with you. đź’•

Full Series: $175
Payment Plan Option
July: $100
Aug: $100

More Info and Sign-up Link Here