Embodiment Mastery Training

This 12 Session Self Mastery Program is meant to give you a better understanding of each of the 10 Bodies and the number 11, The Embodiment. The first session consists of a consultation and mini reading. For each session thereafter, you will be given “homework” based on the Body we are working on, which will include reading the chapter for that Body from the required reading and writing a short blurb about yourself and what aspects are in balance and out of balance for yourself. The introspective nature of the training is what allows for the Embodiment Mastery. You may be also given small tasks before each session related to the Body we are working on.

Requirements for the Course

  • Attend one 10 Bodies/Numerology Workshop (preferably towards the beginning of the sessions)
  • Write out a Self-Summary (due at the Last Session)
  • Payment (see below)

Reading Materials

  • The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness by Nirvair Singh Khalsa (required)
  • The Kundalini Experience by Darryl O’Keefe and Guru Dharam S Khalsa
  • Tantric Numerology by Guruchander Singh Khalsa
  • Akara Numerology by Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa

Session Terms

Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes; in person or by videochat. All in person sessions will be held at 3525R Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63139 unless otherwise arranged. Sessions not held at this location may require an additional charge depending on the location. Sessions and videochats may not be recorded.

It is highly recommended that you schedule personal sessions throughout the training as a way to regroup and receive any additional guidance to integrate the teachings, though it is not required to take the Basic Course. Sessions are mostly in lecture format. Feel free to come with ANY questions and I will answer it to the best of my ability. Frequency between sessions is up to you and the rate you integrate the knowledge. Its ok to take some time between sessions to let the information “digest”. Staying on track with your sessions is important so figuring out a schedule that works for you will be discussed in the first session.

Session Breakdown

  • 1st Session – Consultation/Reading
  • 2nd Session – Soul Body
  • 3rd Session – Negative Mind
  • 4th Session – Positive Mind
  • 5th Session – Neutral Mind
  • 6th Session – Physical Body
  • 7th Session – Arc Lin
  • 8th Session- Auric Body (Aura)
  • 9th Session – Praanic Body
  • 10th Session – Subtle Body
  • 11th Session – Radiant Body
  • 12th Session – The Embodiment/Review

Course Options

  • Basic Course – 12 Sessions, 60 minutes each. $900
  • Extended Course – 12 Sessions, 90 minutes each (30 minutes review – 60 minutes on current Body). $1,250
  • Self Mastery Course – 12 Sessions, 60 minutes each. 4 Private Sessions, 60 minutes each. $1,200
  • Extended Self Mastery Course – 12 Sessions, 90 minutes each. 6 Private Sessions, 60 minutes each or 4 Private Sessions, 90 minutes each. $1,550

Installment arrangements are available for the Basic Course only.


Payments can be made by check, Venmo – @devshabad-kaur or Paypal or you can request an invoice be sent.

Scholarships and Exchange of Services Available. Please email devshabadkaur@gmail.com with the Subject: Scholarship/Exchange


Being fluid is important and also helps us practice our Neutral Mind. Also, keeping our commitments and keeping our word are part of a strong Arc Line, so where do we find the balance? As a standard, if you need to cancel a session within 24 hours, no worries! We will reschedule! If you need to reschedule again you may be docked 30 minutes from next session. I expect all sessions will be attended as scheduled and having something to keep us accountable invokes clear boundaries.

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