Embodiment Mastery Training

Embodiment Mastery Training is now available virtually!
Starting Wednesday, June 10 and ending Wednesday, Nov 11 we will be meeting every other Wednesday from 7-9pm.

There will be will be 12 sessions total ending on 11/11!

The cost of this course also includes a 60 minute 1 on 1 call with me at any point!

People also signed up for the Embodiment Mastery Training will receive 20% off all Services through 11/11!
This 6 month period is an amazing time for you to completely shift your consciousness and life!
If you love Numerology would like to learn more about how to apply it in your life for real spiritual growth and compassion for others’, consider this course.
Each session will focus on a different aspect of Embodiment.

What is Embodiment to me?

Embodiment is the word used to describe the number 11.
11 represents Self-Mastery, Spiritual Connection, Spiritual Elevation.

It is a Universal Energy beyond Dogma and anchored in Community.
It is Pure Consciousnesses…APPLIED Consciousness.
It’s takings our ideas and gifts and being able to share them with the world.

The 11 is Mastery of our 10 Bodies.

The Mastery of our Physical, Energetic, and Mental Bodies.

Who will benefit from this course? This course can be used in several different ways!
A) Anyone interested in Numerology or the 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness and learning how to do Numerology with others.
B) Anyone that wants more knowledge about themselves and would like to do deep inner work.
C) Anyone who is unsure of their path and would like more information on a variety of Spiritual Topics.
This course covers many different concepts in order to become the Embodiment.
Each person is responsible for purchasing a binder. You will receive info sheets, and any necessary links for the following session the Thursday following class. You will have homework in between sessions that will change throughout the course. Before each class, you will take a picture of your homework if applicable and send to me by 5pm the day of class.
The Actual 60 Minute Class will be recorded so if you need to miss, you can always catch up. The Check Ins and Question portion will not be recorded which is why it is important to attend in person and get maximum benefit.
Class Structure7:00-7:30pm – Check In/Go Over Homework 7:30-8:30pm – 60 Minute Class (Recorded)8:30-9:00pm – Open Question and Answer

Individual Class Details

June 10 Getting Started – 10 Bodies Overview

June 24 – 1 ~ The Soul Body – Recognizing and Listening to the Voice Inside Us – Connecting

July 8 – 2 ~ The Negative Mind – Recognizing and Releasing Finite Thought Patterns and Limiting Behaviors – Getting Unstuck

July 22 – 3 ~ The Positive Mind – Finding Joy/Connecting to our Childlike Nature – Learning Boundaries

August 5 – 4 ~ The Neutral Mind – Mindfulness in Life – Being the Observer

August 19 – 5 ~ The Physical Body – Connecting to our Chosen Vehicle and Understanding it’s Maintenance – Health

Sept 2 – 6 ~ The Arc Line – Recognizing Our Intuition vs Prior Programming and What it Means to See through our 3rd Eye

Sept 16 – 7 ~ The Aura – Our Energy Container and how to Maintain It –

Sept 30 – 8 ~ The Praanic Body – How to Become the Powerhouse of your Passions and Regain Potency in your Life

Oct 14 – 9 ~ The Subtle Body – How to Use Your Sensor to Tune In vs Being Exposed – Gaining Long Term Perspective

Oct 28 – 10 ~ The Radiant Body – Attracting and “Being” Radiant.

Nov 11 – 11 ~ The Embodiment and What It Means to You.

Pay through Venmo @divinewellness Or through PayPal http://www.paypal.me/divinesongyoga

Cost: $600

Pay by May 27: $525

Payment Plan Option

Due by June 1: $200

July 1: $200

August 1: $200