Numerology and Spiritual Coaching

All beings are more than just their physical body We actually have 10 Bodies total. Our birthday gives us the clues as to which bodies are more likely to go out of balance and which are our gifts and strengths. This knowledge can give you the awareness to make significant changes in your life and find peace.

The Ten Bodies

1st – Soul Body

2nd – Negative Mind

3rd – Positive Mind

4th – Neutral Mind

5th – Physical Body

6th – Arc Line

7th – Auric Body (Aura)

8th – Pranic Body

9th – Subtle Body

10th – Radiant Body

11th – The Embodiment


Embodiment Mastery Training

This 12-session package is a mastery course towards Embodiment. Materials inclue Print-Outs, Flash Cards, a Reading List, a 60 minute Numerology Session, as well as one-on-one training on each of the 10 Bodies and the 11th – The Embodiment.

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