Wellness Massage

60 minutes ~ $65
90 minutes ~ $95

Traditional Swedish Massage

Divine Wellness Massage

60 minutes ~ $85
90 minutes ~ $120

A wellness experience combining elements of vibration, aromatherapy, and energywork, in addition to traditional, hands-on massage.

Numerology Session

60 minutes ~ $74

Use your birthday to help you clarify your lessons in this lifetime as well as your gifts and path.

Spiritual Guidance

60 minutes ~ $65
90 minutes ~ $95

Spiritual Guidance helps you identify limiting patterns and underlying belief systems in order to release them and Embody your Soulโ€™s  true purpose.

Vibrational Massage

50 minutes ~ $65

Bowls are placed on and around the body to achieve a deeply penetrating and rejuvenating massage experience.

Vibrational Raindrop Massage

75 minutes ~ $108

Using a combination of pure essential oils, tuning forks and hands on massage for a fully integrated sensory experience that removes blockages and vibrationally attunes the body.

Relationship Session

90 minutes ~ $120

Relationship Sessions are not simply for couples. These sessions are for any two people looking to foster communication and growth, identify limiting patterns and behaviors, and promote harmony and love in their interactions.

Phone Sessions

Spiritual Guidance