Upcoming Workshops

The 10 Bodies

Each of us are composed of 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness. These Bodies when working together and at their optimum level allow us to reach our highest Self and act in alignment with our Soul. Each of us also have strengths and weaknesses in certain Bodies. Our birthdays hold the information as to which Bodies have inherent challenges and which we can utilize to serve us on our Path. This workshop will be going into each of the 10 Bodies in depth.

Quantum Languaging

Quantum Languaging is the concept that each word holds a specific vibration. When we carefully tune into the specific language we use, this new vibration changes our underlying belief system, helping us begin to see changes in our external reality.

In this workshop, we will discuss the concept of manifesting, a list of words that it would behoove you to leave out of your vocabulary and languaging hacks to avoid languaging that holds the vibrations of limit, scarcity, and doubt.

The Soul’s Journey

In this fun and informative workshop, we will discuss the role of our Soul and this incredible journey we have taken. We will discuss the entering of the Aquarian Age and what that means for us in everyday life. We will go into Karma vs Dharma, Fate vs Destiny, and how the Soul moves throughout our many lifetimes. We will discuss the Life Cycles we experience during our human life. We will do work on our Subtle Body in order to be able to more easily discern the messages coming from our Soul.


We will discuss each of the 7 Major Chakras and the Aura, learning the organs and body parts each Chakra is associated with, and ways unbalanced or blocked Chakras manifest in the body and in our behaviors. Give yourself the tools to diagnose when a Chakra is out of balance or blocked. Be the mechanic of your Soul.

Once we are able to figure out how to tell if a Chakra is blocked, we will learn postures, mudras, mantras, crystals, and foods that aid in unblocking and balancing each Chakra.